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Sunday, 27 June 2010

How Do I Videos in SharePoint

I found lot of very useful videos on How To Series. Putting them all together here:

How To Video on SharePoint 2007

1. Install Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server? (Part 1): Video Link

2. Install Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server? (Part 2): Video Link

3. Configure Search Indexing: Video Link

4. Publish a Dynamic Excel Workbook File to Excel Services: Video Link

5. Configure Records Center: Video Link

6. Configure Keywords and Best Bets: Vidoe Link

7. Use the Business Data Catalog: Vidoe Link

8. Configure Single Sign On (SSO): Video Link

9. Install and Configure the Faceted Search Add-in: Video Link

10. Configure the Active Directory Profile Import Service: Video Link

11. Using Search Scopes: Video Link

12. Create and Configure a Business Data Catalog: Video Link

13. Create a KPI List and KPI Dashboard: Video Link

14. Use the SPDiag Tool to Analyze my SharePoint Farm: Video Link

15. Use the Permission Reporting Tool: Video Link

16. Install and Configure Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express: Video Link

17. Configure Federated Search in SharePoint Server 2007: Video Link

18. Configure My Sites On My SharePoint Server 2007 Farm: Video Link

19. Enhance User Profiles with BDC Data: Video Link

20. Install Service Pack 2: Video Link

How To Video on WSS:

1. Creating a Windows SharePoint Services Web Application and Site Collection: Video Link

2. Making Use of Managed Paths To Control Site Collection URLs: Video Link

3. How to Install a Standalone Instance of Windows SharePoint Services on a Windows Server Installation: Video Link

4. Configure and Manage the Recycle Bin: Video Link

5. Sharepoint Online Setup: Video Link

6. Installing And Activating Features: Video Link

7. Enable Forms-Based Authentication for a Windows SharePoint Services Site Collection (Using IIS 7): Video Link

8. Configure Anti Virus In Windows SharePoint Services (Using Forefront Security for SharePoint):
Video Link

9. Enable Forms-Based Authentication for a Windows SharePoint Services Site Collection (Pre-IIS 7): Video Link

10. Create a New Site Column: Video Link

11. Create Reusable Site Templates: Video Link

12. Work With Wikis in Windows SharePoint Services: Video Link

13. Configuring Alternate Access Mappings: Video Link

14. Creating a New Content Database: Video Link

15. Configure Outgoing E-mail: Video Link

16. Using Content Types: Video Link

17. E-mail-Enabling a SharePoint List: Video Link

18. Manage Web Parts: Video Link

19. How Do I: Use Content Types: Video Link

20. How Do I: Configure Quota Management: Video Link

21. Configure Forefront Server Security for Sharepoint to Block Uploading and Downloading of Specific File Types: Video Link

22. Add Forms-Based to an existing Windows Authentication Site: Video Link

23. Administer SharePoint Farm Using Windows PowerShell: Video Link

24. Work With Solutions Packages: Video Link

25. Use Master Pages to Customize the Look and Feel of My Site: Video Link

26. Migrate a Content Database: Video Link

27. Install Windows SharePoint Services on Windows Vista: Video Link

28. Migrate the Configuration Database: Video Link

29. Integrate My SharePoint Lists with the Microsoft Office Outlook Client: Video Link

30. Work with Document Templates: Video Link

31. Use the SPDiag Tool to Analyze my SharePoint Farm: Video Link

32. Use the Permission Reporting Tool: Video Link

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Comparing Data Accessing Techonlogies In SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 allows 4 ways of accessing SharePoint Data. They are:
2. Server OM
3. Client OM

The table below summarizes pros and cons of these 4 methods:
  • Entity-based programming
  • Strongly typed
  • Supports joins and projections
  • Good tools support and IntelliSense
  • Server-side only
  • New API, so new skills required
  • Pre-processing of list structure required, so changing list could break application
Server OM
  • Familiar API
  • Works with more than just list data
  • Strongly Typed
  • Server Side Only
Client OM
  • Works off the server
  • Easier than web services API
  • Works in Silverlight, JavaScript and .NET
  • More than just list data
  • New API
  • Weakly Typed
  • Standards-based
  • URL-based commands
  • Strongly typed
  • Only works with lists and Excel

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Online Training On SharePoint 2010

SharePoint is one of the most sought skills these days in the IT industry. You can see my post @ How To Learn SharePoint to know how to learn SharePoint Technologies. I offer two online course in SharePoint 2010 by using them you can learn SharePoint 2010:

 1. SharePoint 2010 Administration Course
 2. SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Course

Salient Features of the Online Training on SP2010:
1. Exclusive One to One Course.
2. Flexible Timing
3. Get SharePoint 2010 Server access for Lab Work.
4. Do it from your home. No travel required.
5. Flexible course content. Pace the training the way YOU need it.

SharePoint 2010 Administration Course: This course covers the various aspect of SharePoint 2010 Administration. The course will start from the basics of SharePoint 2010 and will cover the concepts till advanced level. No prior knowledge is required for this course. The course duration is 30 hours.

Check and Download the detailed course content:

Here is the Sample Presentation covered in the first class:

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Course: This course is designed for the people who have working knowledge in MOSS and they want to upgrade their skills in SP2010. The course duration is 25 Hours.

Check and Download the detailed course content:

To schedule for a free demo please fill the details here or a send a mail to with the following details:

# Name
# Area of Interest (Administration/Upgrade)
# Location
# Preferable time for training

Friday, 4 June 2010

Start SharePoint Workflows with Intiation Parameters Programatically

To start the SharePoint workflows programatically by passing the initiation parameters following code can be used:
static void Main(string[] args) 
    using (SPSite spSite = new SPSite("http://localhost")) 
        using (SPWeb spWeb = spSite.RootWeb) 
            SPWorkflowAssociation workflowAssociation = spWeb.WorkflowAssociations.GetAssociationByName("WorkflowDemo",CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); 
            if (workflowAssociation != null) 
                SPWorkflow siteWorkflow = spSite.WorkflowManager.StartWorkflow(spSite, workflowAssociation, "<Data><CompanyID>zzz</CompanyID></Data>", SPWorkflowRunOptions.Asynchronous); 

    Console.WriteLine("Workflow Started with the Initiation Parameter"); 


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Uploading a Document using Power Shell Script

To upload a single document to a document library use the following PowerShell script. This is very helpful if we want to automate deployment of files during deployment of code.
The function accepts three parameters:
1. url points to url of the sharepoint site.
2. folder points to Document Library Name
3. Document points to the Path of the file.

function Upload-SPDocument([string]$url, [string]$Folder, [string]$Document) 
        $SPSite = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($url) 
        $OpenWeb = $SPSite.OpenWeb() 
        $DocumentName = Split-Path $Document -Leaf 
        $GetFolder = $OpenWeb.GetFolder($Folder) 
        [void]$GetFolder.Files.Add("$Folder/$DocumentName",$((gci $Document).OpenRead()),"") 

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Deleting Multiple Document Sets with PowerShell Script in SharePoint 2010

We have a test document library containing around 30000 Document Sets. We wanted to delete all the docsets but it is very time consuming to delete from UI or using the Object Model. This can be achieved using the following Power Shell Script. If you want to use this Script just change the first three parameters in the script:
$webUrl = "http://testsite"
$libraryName = "DemoDocSets"
$queryLimit = 100
$docsetContentTypeName = "Document Set"
Write-Host -f Yellow "Opening Site and Document Library"
$web = Get-SPWeb $webUrl
$documentsLib = $web.Lists[$libraryName]
Write-Host -f Yellow "Done"
### Load SharePoint assemblies
Write-Host -f Yellow  "Loading SharePoint assemblies"
Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

# get 1000 document sets at a time
$query = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery
$query.RowLimit = $queryLimit
$query.ViewAttributes = "Scope=`"Recursive`"";
$query.Query = "<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='ContentType'/><Value Type='Text'>" + $docsetContentTypeName + "</Value></Eq></Where>"

$queryResults = $documentsLib.GetItems($query)
$numDocsets = $queryResults.Count

while($numDocsets -gt 0)
    Write-Host -f Yellow "Deleting $numDocsets docsets"
    for($i=0; $i -lt $numDocsets; $i++)
    $queryResults = $documentsLib.GetItems($query)
    $numDocsets = $queryResults.Count
Write-Host -f Green "Done deleting all docsets"
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