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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Integrating LinkedIn with SharePoint Sites

These days LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking site for professionals. It has got some very useful information and now it is easy to display this information in the SharePoint site.

LinkedIn site provide plugin which we can utilize to display information from the site. The LinkedIn plugin are available @

The few plugin which are available are:
Apply with LinkedIn: Make it easy for candidates to apply for your jobs using their LinkedIn profiles.
Share on LinkedIn: Enable users to share your website with LinkedIn’s professional audience, and drive traffic back to your site.
Member Profile: Bring LinkedIn member profiles to your site to help users discover common professional connections.
Company Insider: Enhance your content and show rich personalized insights about companies featured on your site.
Company Profile: Bring LinkedIn company profiles to your site to display key company information at-a-glance.
Full Member Profile: Bring full LinkedIn profiles to your site to display a person’s professional background at-a-glance.
Recommend with LinkedIn: Enable users to recommend your products and services to LinkedIn's professional audience, and drive traffic back to your site.
Jobs You May Be Interested In: Boost site engagement with personalized job listings.
Follow Company Plugin: Make it easy for prospective customers, job-seekers, and business partners to engage with your company.
Sign In with LinkedIn: Make it easier for people to sign in or register with your site by using their LinkedIn identity.

Now I will use the Company Profile Plugin and display the information on the SharePoint Site. To do this we will the following steps:

1. I will get the code by clicking on Get It Button.

2. Once we click on the Get It it allows to select the company name and change the few properties:

I have selected the company as Microsoft to show the information. Now we will get the code by clicking the Get Code button.

3. Once we have the code we will copy this in a notepad file and save it in a document library.

4. Now we just need to insert a content editor web part in any SharePoint Page and refer the link in the web part. With this it will show the information like below:

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