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Monday, 29 December 2008

Answers for the SharePoint Administration Questions

Here are the Answers for the SharePoint Administration Questions provided at

1. B, C, D

2. A, B, D

3. B, D

4. A, C, D

5. A, C, D

6. D

7. C, D

8. A, C

9. A, B, C

10. A, C

11. A, C

12. B, C

13. A, B, D

14. A, C
For installing/uninstalling feature only STSADM commands can be used. Feature needs to be deactivated before uninstalling them.

15. A, C

16. B

SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition gets installed when we install WSS with the default options.

17. C

The site collection that is assigned as the destination for a content migration or a content deployment path must be created by using the Blank Site template.

18. C

19. D

Solution needs to be added, deployed, retracted and deleted.

There is no solution removal. The correct command to delete the solution is:
stsadm -o deletesolution -name SampleSolution.wsp

20. B

When the Content DB is taken in offline status no new further site collection can be created in the Web Application.

21. C

22. B, C, D

We can not directly migrate from WSS 2.0 to MOSS

23. D

All other policies comes OOB with SharePoint.

24. A, C, D

Following levels are available to be reported in Event Log:
None, Error, Warning, Audit Failure, Audit Success, Information

25. D

Following levels are available to be reported in Trace Log:
None, Unexpected, Monitorable, High, Medium, Verbose

26. A, B, C, D

All of the options are correct.

27. A, C, D

There is no Form Server role in SharePoint Farm.

28. C

29. B, C

30. C

31. A, B, C, D

32. C

33. A, B, C

See more details about Managed Path

34. A, B, C, D

All of these kind of sources can be crawled OOB in SharePoint 2007.

35. A, B, C

There is no Page Level Caching.

36. A,D

Monday, 22 December 2008

Refreshing SharePoint Page Automatically

Recently we have a requirement to reload one SharePoint page after each one minute. For this purpose we have written a JavaScript code. This code is placed in the Content Editor Web Part:

(I am not able to put the code here so adding the code in the SkyDrive....)

This script will reload the page ever 60 seconds.

We can now hide this Content Editor web part from the view on the page, by setting the following properties as:

Height: 0px
Width: 0px
Chrome Type: none

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