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Monday, 29 December 2008

Answers for the SharePoint Administration Questions

Here are the Answers for the SharePoint Administration Questions provided at

1. B, C, D

2. A, B, D

3. B, D

4. A, C, D

5. A, C, D

6. D

7. C, D

8. A, C

9. A, B, C

10. A, C

11. A, C

12. B, C

13. A, B, D

14. A, C
For installing/uninstalling feature only STSADM commands can be used. Feature needs to be deactivated before uninstalling them.

15. A, C

16. B

SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition gets installed when we install WSS with the default options.

17. C

The site collection that is assigned as the destination for a content migration or a content deployment path must be created by using the Blank Site template.

18. C

19. D

Solution needs to be added, deployed, retracted and deleted.

There is no solution removal. The correct command to delete the solution is:
stsadm -o deletesolution -name SampleSolution.wsp

20. B

When the Content DB is taken in offline status no new further site collection can be created in the Web Application.

21. C

22. B, C, D

We can not directly migrate from WSS 2.0 to MOSS

23. D

All other policies comes OOB with SharePoint.

24. A, C, D

Following levels are available to be reported in Event Log:
None, Error, Warning, Audit Failure, Audit Success, Information

25. D

Following levels are available to be reported in Trace Log:
None, Unexpected, Monitorable, High, Medium, Verbose

26. A, B, C, D

All of the options are correct.

27. A, C, D

There is no Form Server role in SharePoint Farm.

28. C

29. B, C

30. C

31. A, B, C, D

32. C

33. A, B, C

See more details about Managed Path

34. A, B, C, D

All of these kind of sources can be crawled OOB in SharePoint 2007.

35. A, B, C

There is no Page Level Caching.

36. A,D
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