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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Providing Access to a User in Multiple SiteCollections inside a Web Application

I have a sitatuation where I had to provide access to a user to hundreds of Site Collection inside a Web Application in SharePoint 2010. The user needs to have full the access on all the site collections. Either this can be done by adding the user into each site collection as a site collection administration but this would be a really big task to add the user into each of them. This can be done by using the Web Application Policy available for the Web Application in Central Administration. This can be accessed from the Central Administration --> Security --> Users --> Specify web application user policy. A Web Application Policy is a collection of individual permissions. By default SharePoint 2010 provides four Web Application Policy:

 To provide full permissions to the user on all the site collections we can use the Full Control Policy. This policy has all the permissions selected. Once the user is added with the Full Control Policy he can access any site collection inside the web application and has all access.

Now this  feature becomes very interesting as further policies can be created with different combination of permissions within the policies and they can be applied on all the site collections in the web application.

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