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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tabs not getting highlighted in Top Link Bar in Sharepoint Site

Recently I had a strange issue. In our SharePoint site the tabs in the top link bar were not getting highlighted when users were navigating to those tabs. The issue was solved after I edited the URL associated with tab from Absolute to Relative URL.

Here are the details of the issue and the solution:

1. Created a tab to appear on Top Link Bar from:

SiteSettings --> Look and Feel --> Top Link Bar

2. created the link with absolute URL like http://server:port/site/../pagename.aspx

3. Navigate to the tab from top link bar. See the tab is not highlighted:

4. Edited the URL from Absolute URL to Relative URL. Removed the server name.

5. Navigate to the tab from top link bar. Now the tab is highlighted:


Anonymous said...

There is also an issue relating to the use of a space character inside the URL, for instace:

/test/test space/text.aspx - will work

/test/test%20space/text.aspx - wont work (even though this is the correct format for a space inside a URL)


Anonymous said...

Perfect fix for my problem - thanks a million!

Cory Gill said...

Worked for me too! Thanks a bunch. Cory

Ajay said...

Just what I was after! Thanks Mate!

Anonymous said...

None of these work for me. Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...


Todd Purifoy said...

Not working for us either. Any other ideas?

Theresa said...

so many newer versions are now available in SharePoint Development

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I had one tab that wouldn't highlight, all the others did, no idea why, but this fixes it! THANKS SO MUCH!

LJ said...

Hi, I have a top link bar tab that is linked to a document library but it's not highlighting when clicked on. How do I get this to work?

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