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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tabs not getting highlighted in Top Link Bar in Sharepoint Site

Recently I had a strange issue. In our SharePoint site the tabs in the top link bar were not getting highlighted when users were navigating to those tabs. The issue was solved after I edited the URL associated with tab from Absolute to Relative URL.

Here are the details of the issue and the solution:

1. Created a tab to appear on Top Link Bar from:

SiteSettings --> Look and Feel --> Top Link Bar

2. created the link with absolute URL like http://server:port/site/../pagename.aspx

3. Navigate to the tab from top link bar. See the tab is not highlighted:

4. Edited the URL from Absolute URL to Relative URL. Removed the server name.

5. Navigate to the tab from top link bar. Now the tab is highlighted:

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