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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Few Learning with Views & Alerts in SharePoint

Conditional Alerts: I was working on a project where we want to use SharePoint Alerts to notify the users when any new items are added in the list but we wanted that these alerts should be sent based on few conditions. By default when we set alerts SharePoint allows to subscribe to all the changes and we can not mention any conditions on which alerts can be sent. But this can be achieved using the Filtered Views. Filtered views are nothing but normal views but they have been created with at least one Filter condition. Once a view is created SharePoint allows to subscribe the alerts based on this view.

Once a Filtered View is created users see another option by the name "Someone changes an item that appears in the following view" where they can select the View on which they should be alerted. So now SharePoint will only send the alerts when any data changes based on the filter conditions applied in the view.

Data Order in Alert Mails: We have customized the list form using InfoPath and it was required to change the order of the data in the alert mails. By default the alerts which are sent, dependent on the column creation. So the column which are created earlier are shown on top in the alert mail. But this can be changed by using the Column Order settings:

So if change the ordering of the column the alert mails gets updated and the data will start appearing in the order specified through this.

Subject Line of Alerts: The Alerts which SharePoint sent have Title in the subject line. If we keep the title blank SharePoint uses ID to be appended in the subject line for the alerts.

Un-subscribing or Deleting existing Alerts: If a user has subscribed alerts from specific lists they can cancel those alerts. The link for doing so is not been placed in a very obvious place. You can do so
1. Either by going to any list and go to Actions and under that Alert Me. You will see a link with the title
"View my existing alerts on this site":

This link is also helpful if a user want to see all the list for which the user has subscribed the alerts. From the next page user can delete any subscribed alerts.

2. Same can be done from the User Name then My Settings. Here a link will be shown with the name 'My Alerts'. 
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