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Friday, 11 April 2008

Answers for the beginner level test

Here are the answers for the questions for the beginner level test (Go to the Test)

1. C

A server farm can consume services provided by an SSP on a different server farm.

2. A,C

Web Application is a empty container for sites. Mulitple site collections can be created inside it. Also in one site collection many sub sites can be created.

3. A

A site column is a reusable column definition, or template, that you can assign to multiple lists across multiple SharePoint sites

4. D

Shared Services (SSP) are part of MOSS. It does not come with WSS and Windows Server 2003.

5. A

The correct sequence is to install OS, SQL Server then WSS service and on top of that MOSS. Although MOSS can be installed without installing WSS as WSS automatically get installed when we install MOSS.

6. B

We can not use Distribution Lists in SharePoint.

7. A

We can not edit Application pages with SharePoint Designer.

8. C

WSS does not provide BDC, Excel Services, User Profiles, Form Services.

9. A,C

A list can have multiple site columns and default columns. Also we can attach multiple content types.


A content type can have only site columns.


SharePoint stores all its List data into the Content DB.


The other web parts mentioned does not support writing Java Script.


To show the data from LOB's we need to use BDC web parts.


We can have different metadata for different content types and then we can attach these to list to support this scenario.


We can upload all the files mentioed irrespective of the default file type.


In MOSS we can specify security setting at list item level.


Recycle Bin can be disabled from the Central Admin and we can configure the time setting from there as well.


To show an external application we can use Page Viewer Web Part.


All other templates comes default with MOSS.


We can have multiple master pages within MOSS.
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