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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Creating a SiteCollection in a new Content DB in existing WebApplication

We had a requirement to create a new Site Collection in a existing Web Application, in a new Content Database other than the default Content Database associated with the web application. It looks that a Web Application can have a single Content DB with the default SharePoint UI. But this is not true. We can have multiple content database within the same web application. So this implies that we can have a multiple site collection in a single web application pointing to different content db's as well multiple site collection can point to same content db's.

These are the steps which can be followed to create a new site collection in a new content DB

1. Go to Central Admin -- Application Management – Content Databases

2. Bring all the existing Database to Offline associated with the WebApplication in which we need to create a site collection in a new content DB:

3. Click on Add a content DB.

4. Provide the required Information and create a new Content DB:

5. Create the New Site Collection. This site collection will be automatically will be created in this newly created Content DB.

6. Now make all the content DB in Ready Status.

With these steps we can create multiple Content Databases for a Web application which will be associated to different Site Collection in the Web Application.

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