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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Free Courses on SharePoint 2007

Here are some free courses on SharePoint 2007. Each course duration is 20-40 min and i find them informative and good for learning basic things in SharePoint:
  1. Share Excel data with others by exporting it to a SharePoint site
  2. SharePoint document libraries I: Introduction to sharing files
  3. SharePoint document libraries II: All about checkout
  4. SharePoint document libraries III: Work with version history
  5. SharePoint document libraries IV: Tips and tricks
  6. SharePoint document libraries V: How to download a library
  7. SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team
  8. SharePoint slide libraries II: Use slides in the library
  9. SharePoint calendars I: Make the most of your team calendar
  10. SharePoint calendars II: Connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook
  11. SharePoint calendars III: Create your own calendar
  12. SharePoint calendars IV: Tips and tricks
  13. Workflows I: Basics you should know
  14. Workflows II: Collect feedback for a file
  15. Workflows III: Collect digital signatures for a file
  16. Workflows IV: Include someone outside your company
  17. Workflows V: Handy tips for tasks
  18. Excel Services I: The basics
  19. Excel Services II: Requirements, recommendations, and permissions
  20. Excel Services III: Control what people see
  21. Excel Services IV: Allow user input

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