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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Important Announcements done in SPC 2009 for SharePoint 2010 - Day 2

Here are important things which were annonunced in SPC 2009 Day 2:

1. WebParts in a WebPart page are versioned.

2. Contributors are not allowed to change web part properties in SharePoint 2010 Web parts due to XSS safeguard . Only designers and Owners can make changes.

3. Developers can create reusable components for BCS (UI, models, etc) that non-developers can make use of in SP Designer.

4. We can work with BCS using SharePoint Designer 2010.

5. BCS allows to connect to a .NET assembly, so you can connect to anything you can write the code for and surface in SP/Office

6. Now the content query web part in SharePoint 20101 allows choosing columns you want to display.

7. Navigation can be created using Metatags OOB.

8. A new role, "delegated admin" is introduced. With this we can say a person can manage only search nothing else.

9. A list view can include fields from other lists that have been joined to the primary list.

10. Document ID is now included in OOTB functionality and it is preserved across site collections.

11. With BCS we can connect to Outlook and make a BCS entity map to Outlook Contacts, Tasks.

12. A new OOB web part called Tag Cloud is introduced in SharePoint 2010.

13. SharePoint 2010 has services called Visio Services, Access Services and Excel Services.

14. Project 2010 can now sync the data with SharePoint 2010.

15. Now SharePoint 2010 supports claims based authentication using Geneva Framework.

16. Custom Ribbon tabs - developers can write their own "ribbon" interfaces to run inside SharePoint, just like you can in office 2007 desktop apps.

17. Visio is now a workflow designer tool and includes a template and a lot of shapes for designing them. You execute these workflows in SharePoint.

18. Service applications - Now we can build our own "Shared Services" Application for providing functionality across web applications. This may be a huge oppurtunity for enterprise SharePoint installations because it will facilitate integration with other apps in a much broader manner. SharePoint has basically become a real application server.

19. SP2010 provides a Chart web part, which you can hook up to SharePoint site definitions, the Business Data Catalog, excel services, or another web part.

20. BLOB and metadata storage are separated within SQL in 2010

21. Mixed mode authentication in SharePoint 2010 will no longer be based, but instead it will be claims based.

22. We can design the Workflows in Visio and export them in SharePoint Designer 2010.

23. Workflow created using SharePoint Designer 2010 can be saved as WSP and opened in Visual Studio.

24. In SPD 2010 we can build workflows once and associate with other lists/libraries.

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