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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Editing Documents in Offline mode in SharePoint using SharePoint Draft

SharePoint provides a very good functionality of editing the document while we are not connected to the SharePoint site and sync it back with the updated document from the local machine to the Document Library when we are connented to Network. We can Check Out the document, keep working on the documents offline and when we Check In automatically the latest document from the local machine is updated in the SharePoint site. So as an example, suppose we have some documents which we have in SharePoint document library which we need to work while we are in a aeroplane, with this feature we can do that and when later connected the latest document from the local machine will be synced.

The Checked out document are saved in SharePoint Draft folder. This setting can be done from Save Options from the Office Clients as shown.

Now we can go to any document library and Check Out the the document it will ask whether we want to use "Use My Local Draft Folder".

We need to check this option  to make the document available in SharePoint Draft Location after Checking Out. Now this document is availably locally and we can edit as and when needed while not connected. Now once we are connected to the Sharepoint we can Check In the document from the SharePoint Document Library and latest document from the SharePoint Draft folder is updated in the site. With this we are saved from the hassels of removing the old version and uploading the new updated version. Once the document is checked in the document is not available in the draft location.
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