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Thursday, 5 November 2009

New Web Parts Introduced in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft has introduce numerous new Web Parts with SharePoint 2010. Here are some of the new WebParts which are available in SharePoint 2010.

1. Tag Cloud: This Web Part displays the most popular subjects/tags being tagged inside the SharePoint site.

2. InfoPath Form Web Part: This is a new and wonderful web part. Helps to display InfoPath forms into SharePoint pages very quickly.

3. Visio Web Access: To show the Visio diagrams and helps to enables viewing and refreshing of published visio diagrams.

4. SilverLight Web Part: Earlier to show a silverlight app in SharePoint 2007 it is very complex and involves many steps. Now a web part to display a Silverlight application by just specifying the XAP file.

5. Picture Library Slide Show Web Part: Lot of time it is required to display a slideshow of images and photos from a picture library. This WebPart helps to do that.

6. Web Analytics Web Part:This Web Part displays the most viewed content, most popular search queries, or most popular clicked search results as reported by Web Analytics for the site or site collection.

7. Organization Browser: This Web Part displays each person in the reporting chain in an interactive view optimized for browsing organization charts. This Web Part is build using SilverLight.

8. Note Board:This Web Parts give the ability for the users to leave short notes about the Web Page. These notes are avaialble to view by everybody.

9. Chart Web Part: This is a great Web Part introduced in SharePoint 2010 and allows to create rich charts with the data stored in SharePoint. We can select multiple kind of charts like Pie, line and then point to data source to show the charts.Chart Web Part can take the data from the following data sources:
  • BDC
  • Lists in SharePoint
  • WebPart
  • Excel Services

10. Refinement Panel: This Web Part is helpful with the search results and enables the users to refine search results.

11. Sites in Category:Displays sites from the Site Directory within a specific category

12. Media Web Part:Again a very useful Web Parts and help to embed media clips (video and audio) in a web page. This Web part is also build in Silverlight.
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