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Friday, 9 April 2010

Using Multiple Search Results Core Web Part in a SharePoint Page

I was having a requirment where I need to customize the Search Result and I need to use two Search Core Results Web Parts. One will be displaying the normal results and one of the Web Part will display the results from only a specific scope. If we just put the scope in the Scope field this will not work. When the users will do the query both the search results will be going to show the same data. To make it working we have two options:

1. Either select the different query name for each web part. So we can have User Query in one Web Part and in another Web Part we can have Query 2 or so on.

2. If we want to use User Query then we can put the scope name in the Append Text To Query property.

This does not work as the two web parts that use the same query ID modify the same Query object and internally it passes the same query.
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