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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Disabling A Content Type to be used in List or Libraries in SharePoint

We have a Content Type that was getting used for a Document Library. This content type has some special settings and it was required that no other document library can again use this Content Type. We can do it using OOB settings with the following steps:
1. Create a Content Type by using general settings. Since we were using it inside a document library we have inherited it from the Document Content Type:

2. Associate this Content Type with the document library with which you want to associate it.
3. Now go to Content Type Settings.
4. Now in this step we will use the trick. Here we will change the group of the Content Type. We will create a new group with the name '_Hidden'. Make sure to use the same with the capital and small letters:

5. Once we do this, this Content Type will not be available to be used in other document library. Also this group will also not be visible from the Content Type Gallery. So if at later stage you want to modify the setting of this Content Type you can not do it from here. To modify settings for this Content Type in future remember to copy the URL of the setting page for this Content Type and note it down!!!
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