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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Disabling Request Access Link from the Access Denied Page in SharePoint

SharePoint shows the Access Denied page when somebody tries to access a site on which the user does not have access. On this page there is a link where people can request for Access as shown below.

If the user clicks this link a request for access is by default sent to Primary Site Collection Administrator. Primary Site Collection Administrator are the administrator which are created when Site Collection is provisioned. This is one of the difference which I have seen with the Secondary Site Collection Administrator which are also provided at the time of Site Collection creation and they dont get these notifications.

The  link for Request Access can be disabled through Site Settings --> Site Permissions --> Manage Access Request.

From this you can disable this functionality by un-checking the check box 'Allow request for access'.

Also if the Primary Site Collection Administrator has left the company we can change or update the email of the person and the request would be routed to the new specified email when somebody request for access.
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