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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Finding the STSADM commands

I found a very helpful command with STSADM. There are lot of STSADM commands which are available and it is really difficult to find related commands from this ocean for any specific operation. This command really help me to do that. Now suppose I am working with Solutions in SharePoint and I want to see quickly all the related commands which are available for working with Solutions then this command is really helpful for me. So for this purpose I will run:

stsadm | find "solution"

Also to see all the STSADM commands available for working with features I will execute:

stsadm | find "feature"

You will see the output like:

You do not need to pass the full name of the related operation to get the set of commands. So if i want to see commands which are related to delete i will just type:

stsadm | find "del"

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