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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Web Applications are not propogating to the Web Front End Servers

I was having a Medium Server Farm for SharePoint Installation consisting of 4 servers as:

1. 1 Server with SharePoint Central Administration
2. 2 Servers playing the role of Web Front End Servers
3. 1 server with the Content DB

I was having a strange problem with this Farm. When I was creating Web Applications in the Central Admin and a site collection I was able to browse them through the Central Administration Server but not from the Web Front End Server. While browsing the application the 404 Error was coming. When I tried to see this Web Application in IIS of the Web Front End Machines this Web Application was not appearing. So the problem was that the Web Application was not propagating to the WFE Servers and because of that we can browse the site collection from the Central Administration but not from the WFE Servers.

On further investigation it was found that the Time Zone was different on the WFE Servers. Windows SharePoint Services Web Application is the service which is responsible to create the Web Application in all the WFE servers which are part of the SharePoint Farm. Because of this service was not working properly and the web applications were not synced to the different Web Front End Machines from the Central Administration Server. Once the Time Zone was set to be the same for all servers, the web application got synced in the WFE Machines and we can see in IIS Manager the corresponding Web Site
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