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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Videos on SharePoint 2010

Microsoft has released some videos on SharePoint 2010. Though they don't provide detailed info but helps to get a quick overview about what we can expect in next generation of SharePoint product.

Check the videos here:

1. SharePoint 2010 Overview

2. SharePoint 2010 for IT Professional

3. SharePoint 2010 for Developer

After seeing the video the following new features can be expected in the new version of SharePoint:

* Customizable Ribbon based UI (As given in Office suite of products)
* Inherent Support for Silverlight Web parts. Develop the Silver Light code and use SilverLight Web Part to use .xap file which was created
* Enhanced Themes
* Multi Select list items using check box to do certain operation.
* Enhanced Central Admin Design/UI.
* Cool tools included in the Visual Studio 2010.(Visual Webpart designer, BCS Designer, Complete integrated option for developing Solutions)
* SharePoint Best Practice Analyzer which monitors farm health and shows the report where issues related to performance and security are there. It also allows to configure so that these issues can be fixed automatically.
* Support for Linq which allows to read and join list data easily
* Developer Dashboard which helps to understand how the request is getting processed. Where each event is taking time in this process. It will be helpful in writing efficient code and debugging performance issues
* Introduction of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and removal of BDC
* External List to store the data fetched from BCS
* Client Object Model to access SharePoint on the client side using Java Script
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