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Monday, 1 March 2010

Defining Default Layout Page For A New Page In SharePoint 2010

When we create a new page from Site Action --> New Page option in SharePoint 2010 it does not ask based on what Page Layout, the new page should be created. It automatically binds the page with a default Page Layout. We can set this default Page Layout from the Site Actions -- Site Settings -- Look and Feel -- Page Layouts and Site Templates:
This is only available for the SharePoint sites based on Publishing Template or they have the "SharePoint Server Publishing" feature This link allow to select which layout page should be associated by default when user creates a new page:

This page also have some very useful options. It allow to set what are the layout pages which are available for the users to select when they create a new page. This is very helpful if we need to hide certain layout pages from the user so that they can not create pages based on that layout.

The another useful setting here is to hide the site templates which are available for the users to create new sub sites. With the setting shown below users can create site based only on Publishing Site and Enterprise Wiki Site.

With this We can specify whether all the sites are available to be used while creating sub sites or only a few template.
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