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Monday, 1 March 2010

Answers for SharePoint 2010 Test

Here are the answers for the test on SharePoint 2010. The Test is available @

1. a, b, c
SharePoint 2010 can not be installed on Windows Server 2003 version. It can be installed on Win 7 and Vista SP1.

2. a, b
The Web Front Option has been removed from SharePoint 2010 installation.

3. a, b, c, d
With SPD 2010 all of these can be created.

4. c
Sandboxed solutions are deployed at the Site Collection Level.

5. a, b, c, d
We can take backup for all these components using the Central Admin UI.

6. a, c, d
We dont have any WSS with the new release of SharePoint 2010.

7. b, c, d
We can associate the workflow to a Document Set.

8. b
Sandboxed Solutions are only deployed to Content DB.

9. a, b, c, d
All of these Web Parts are introduced with SharePoint 2010.

10. b
We can not create Visual Web Parts as Sandboxed Solutions.

11. a, b, c
Workflows from Visio can be only exported to SharePoint Designer not to Visual Studio.

12. b, c
Site Workflows can not be triggered automatically.

13. b, c, d
There is no XMLScript Object Model.

14. a, c
Client Object Model helps to access the data outside the SharePoint Server. To use Client Object model we need to use ClientContext Object.

15. c, d
We need to use Microsoft.SharePoint.Client and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime classes to work with Object Model.

16. a, b, c
With SP2010 new events are introduced which can be triggered while creating and deleting a list. Also new capabilites are introduced for showing a custom error page.

17. b
With Visual Studio 2010 we can not develop the solutions for SharePoint 2007.

18. d
Web Applications and SSA have many to many relationship possible.

19. a
Now with Site Template a WSP file is created.

20. a, b, d
BCS provides read and write capability.
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