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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Creating Lists using Import Spreadsheet Template

Creating a SharePoint list is a very easy task for IT users but sometime this is not the case with business users. Business Users need to understand the creation of list and creation of multiple columns with correct types. This can be sometime onerous to them.

There is another easy way of creation of list with the data already available in excel. This eases the creation of list and columns manually. SharePoint automatically creates the list, various columns and the data in the list.

To do this, we need to select the Import Spreadsheet option:

This will open details page where the user needs to browse the excel sheet which needs to be imported:

With this SharePoint creates a list and give the option to select the data from the list:

Once the user imports the data list is created with all the columns and the data inserted into the list.

1. Creates the list and columns without no manual interventions.

1. Sometime SharePoint is not able to identify the column type properly.
2. It will throw errors if the excel is complicated!!!

Hope SharePoint end users find it useful.... 
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