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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Deploying Service Applications with Configuration Wizards V/S PowerShell

Service Application can either be deployed using the Configuration Wizard or through using Power Shell. The configuration wizard gives an easy option and creates all the service apps without any user intervention. This is done with default setting so these are generally with not proper standards. The service apps can also be created using PowerShell which takes some efforts but give lot of flexibility.

The below table describe some of the advantages which we have while creating the Service Apps using PowerShell. This will also help you to decide when to use PowerShell or Configuration Wizard for deploying the Serivces:

Deploying service applications by using the Initial Configuration Wizard
Deploying service applications manually or by using Windows PowerShell
Application Pool
All service applications are deployed to the same application pool which is not a good thing in a big farm.
We can deploy service applications to dedicated application pools, if desired.
Service Accounts
The same account is used for all services. We can edit service accounts later.
We can apply different service accounts to service applications at the time of creation.
Database names are automatically generated, including GUIDs that are long and difficult to remember.
We can assign database names and implement a naming convention.
Service Application Settings
Default settings are applied to service applications. We can change these later.
We can implement custom settings when the service application is deployed.
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