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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Adding Visual Best Bets in SharePoint 2010

There is a very cool feature introduced in SharePoint 2010 using Fast Search. We can show Visual Best Bets to the users while searching for a particular key word. The Visual Best Bets are enhanced version of Best Bets which were introduced in SharePoint 2007. Here we can show a image or a URL to the users. But the Visual Best Bets are available only with Fast Search for SharePoint 2010.
Now lets try to add a Visual Best Bets. It is very easy!! For our example I will show the SharePoint 2010 image when ever somebody search with SharePoint as a Visual Best Bet. First we need to add a keyword for SharePoint. For this go to Site Settings and Look for Fast Search Keywords under Site Collection Administration. Add a Keyword for SharePoint.

Now Click on Add Keyword Link:

We can leave other fields for simplicity. With this a Keyword is created. Now once the Keyword is created we can create a Visual Best Bet by right clicking the Keyword.

I have uploaded SharePoint 2010 Logo in Image Library. I will use the URL for that show in the visual best bet:

The other cool features are we can apply start date and end date and based on that Best Bet would be activated and Deactivated. We can also apply the User Contex to Best Bet so that it will be shown to a particular set of users.

With this we are done. Now once we search SharePoint from the Fast Search site we will get like this and we can see that logo of SharePoint 2010 is displayed as visual best bet.

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