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Monday, 14 December 2009

Showing Specific Result Set in Search Result Core Web Part in SharePoint

I had a strange issue while working with my Search application build on SharePoint 2007. Whatever query user provide in the search query box the result set always displayed a fixed set of results. It never get changes whatever parameters are provided. All the index and logs were not showing any unexpected behavior. On further investigation I found that one user has mistakenly changed the Cross-Web Part Query Id from User Query to Query 2 in the Search Result Core Web Part:

This is an interesting property with this web part. It allows the user to show search results based on a fixed keyword which we can provide with this query. In that case always the results will be shown based on this keyword rather than based on the query what users have done on the Search Center Site. We can define up to 4 queries of this sort on a page. This can be very useful feature if on a specifc SharePoint page we want to display results based from search index on a some fixed keyword.

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