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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

FAST Search Links are not appearing on a site base don FAST Search Template

Now in SharePoint Administration we see some additional links for FAST search administration.

These links are:
1. FAST Search Keyword
2. FAST Search site Promotion and Demotion
3. FAST Search User Contenxt

I have created a site based on FAST Search Center Site Template and strangely this site does not show these links.

That was very strange as these links are related to FAST implementation and a site based on FAST Template does not show these. On further investigation I found that the SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Feature is not activated by default when we create a site based on FAST Search Center Template.

This feature is required to be activated to show these links. These links are shown once we activate this feature.


Anonymous said...


I have been able to get Fast Search Server 2010 working and when I created the Fast Search Centre based on the Fast template, it creates the search pages and the 3 links appear.

However, when I click on any one of the links:

Fast Search keywords
Fast Search site promotion and demotion
Fast Seach user context

I receive an "An unexpected error has occurred. Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Correlation ID: ".

Do you know how to fix this?


Anonymous said...

I'm getting the same error as described above :( Any idea what might cause this?


Manish Goyal said...

Have you tried to look into ULS logs with the Correlation ID. What is the error message there.

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