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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Adding Custom Spellings in SharePoint

While entering the data in SharePoint List/Libraries we have the option to do the spell checking. The Spell checking feature can be activated/deactivated via a Farm Scoped feature.
This Spell check functionality checks any spelling mistake in the content which we are entering into the SharePoint List/Libraries. Suppose if we want to add some new words which should not be considered as spelling mistakes. We can do this by adding our custom dictionary. Let me show this using a example:
1. I will use Task List and in description I will put SharePoint in different ways. The only acceptable way is SharePoint. So my other Sharepoint and SharepoinT will be shown as errors.

2. Now I will create a custom dictionary. To do this create a new Document Library, "Spelling" at the root of the site.
3. Create a text file, "Custom Dictionary.txt" and add all the words that should not be recognized as spelling errors in the text file, one word per line.
4. Upload the text file to the newly created Library.

5. Now I will again use these two added words in my task description and spell check will not show any error:
6. Only one "Custom Dictionary" Document Library is possible for each site collection and the names of the Library and text file need to be exactly same as mentioned. Also the Library must be located at the root of the Portal.
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