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Monday, 10 May 2010

Finding the SharePoint Version Number without having Server Access

While doing a demo on Public sites on SharePoint somebody I asked me how to find what SharePoint version any site is using. After some research I found that If we need to find the version of SharePoint on which a specific public facing site is running we can find it by checking the header of any page from the site. This is quite useful in the situations where we can not access the servers in which the application is deployed and we need to find the version of SharePoint (true for both 2007 or 2010) Farm. In these header we need to check the value for MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices parameter. This value will show the whole version number for the SharePoint build which this site is using.

To find the header for a site we can use any of these sites (just search on any search engine):

So to find the version of SharePoint on which is running I passed the URL of the site and this is what it returned me:

As highlighted Microsoft is using to run it's site :)
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